The Fifth Lake allows hikers to walk through a truly rural area, hitherto unheard-of but made fit for human use, where the villages hold on to their original character as well as their feasts and festivals, customs, legends and traditions.
Legends shall accompany us and shall lend a name to every day, legends that imbue our journey through the mountains with magic on the quest to discover the Fifth Lake.
On the hike, we will discover that the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times until the present day. We will come upon dolmens, shrines, churches, fortified towns, monasteries, bridges and Romanesque ruins, huts, farmhouses and shepherd’s huts.
The latter are examples of dry stone architecture, a rich treasure in our history, as are the paths travelled, the shepherds’ paths.
The Fifth Lake shall allow us to discover a great diversity of landscapes, with their distinctive flora and fauna, strolling through the surrounding area of the Aigüestortes i Sant Maurici Natural Park and the PEIN (Plan for Areas of National Interest) for Montcortès lake, a unique ecosystem.


Flora, Fauna and Geology

Rapinyaires a la zona d'El Cinquè LlacGazing at the sky, we will spot large birds of prey such as the griffon vulture, the bearded vulture, the red kite and short-toed eagles, especially when we draw closer to large crags such as the Sleeping Giant. We will also set eyes on goldfinches, nightingales, tits, etc., flying overhead.

Vista zona d'El Cinqué Llac. Ajuntament de la Torre de Capdella 3r premi 2010On the ground we will be able to see the traces of mammals such as wild boar, roe deer, red deer, beech marten, foxes, wild cats, squirrels and other rodents. And in autumn we will be able to find wild mushrooms.

Water will be a recurring feature throughout the trek as we will pass by springs, and at the bottom of valleys, we will cross rivers and an abundance of rich tributaries.
Vista zona d'El Cinquè Llac. Ajuntament de la Torre de Capdella Accèssit III 2008In the higher areas, at an altitude of some two thousand metres, we will behold vast and endless high-mountain spots, where you can contemplate the protected areas of the Aigüestortes i Sant Maurici Natural Park with its high peaks, as well as the peaks of Aneto, Monteixo, Montsent de Pallars, Cerví, Turbón, etc., as if we were on the balcony of the Pyrenees.

Throughout the trek, we will see how livestock farming has shaped the landscape we enjoy and we will gain an insight into its autochthonous breeds.