Marques de Pastor

We rural tourism accommodation establishments and the agency marketing the product, Pirineu Emoció, have joined forces to manage The Fifth Lake and have created the Marques de Pastor association.

Goals of the Marques de Pastor association:

  1. To recover historical and ethnographic heritage related to pastoral life.
  2. To transmit and communicate values related to shepherds.
  3. To enhance the old paths used by shepherds, recovering and restoring them.
  4. To foster local economies through food producers and craftspeople.
  5. To create economic or tourist activity that fosters the knowledge of heritage and ethnographic values.

To achieve these goals, the association undertakes the following activities:

  1. It promotes the study of pastoral life.
  2. It establishes cooperation with other public and private organisations to disseminate the values of shepherd life in the region.
  3. It recovers the old paths that were used to move from place to place.
  4. It develops trails and itineraries for different means of transport (hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, etc.).
  5. It organises courses, talks, seminars, popular events related to the region and pastoral life.
  6. It promotes local products that boost the region’s economic sustainability.

Why Marques de Pastor?

Because the flocks that travelled the old paths that we will tread had to bear the shepherd’s mark to differentiate them from those belonging to other owners. The association’s overarching goal is to attribute value to these old paths and to create other products similar to The Fifth Lake, each of which will feature a different shepherd’s mark to set each product apart.