At donkey’s pace

We invite you to discover a beautiful corner of our country with the best travel companion that we could offer you: the donkey that will help to carry your luggage and will become your best friend.

The donkey is a friendly animal that enjoys contact with people and will become just another member of the group if you give it your attention.

The Catalan donkey is an interesting animal with which to go hiking as it moves at a rhythm that makes it possible to appreciate the scenery and also make contact with the local settlements. At the same time, this contributes to the defence of an animal that is in danger of extinction and helps to maintain the paths.

We suggest that you get a taste of the Fifth Lake in the company of the Catalan donkey, and that you walk the second stage of the Fifth Lake route (from Peramea to Beranui) in its company.

Spending a day travelling with a donkey will cost you € 90 (without a guide) and will help to support an animal in danger of extinction!

If you would like a guide to take care of you and your donkeys and to help you discover and know the region, there will be a supplement of € 120 per day. (give the same price as the guided tour)